Calculus I, m171 §3 (crn 30336) — Spring 2017 — Mr. Lane

class information
class meeting 1:00–1:50 pm in Math 311 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
website for class URL does not begin with "www."
graded online homework select   171-Lane   and bookmark its URL

instructor's contact information
office Math 005 basement of Math Building
office hours noon to 12:50 pm   Mon, Wed, Fri Math 005 (my office)
other times — by appointment perhaps some time between 8am & 10am
office phone 406 – 243 – 5207 voice-mail after 4 rings
e-mail address Dick dot Lane at umontana dot edu replace "dot" with "." and "at" with "@"
  1. assignments: weekly schedules with an assignment for each class day
    1. text section to be studied — Do your initial study of that part of the text before class on the designated day, then ask good questions during class.
    2. a list of problems selected from the assigned part of the text. Work on these problems after your initial study, and during subsequent restudy, of associated parts of the text. Many of these problems, in a modified (randomly individualized) form, will be graded online using WeBWorK (see below for some detail).
  2. worksheets, e.g., outline of an in-class activity, page of photo sequence showing a cat moving
  3. PDF documents, e.g., a sample test
  4. syllabus for section 3 of m171 (Calculus I) in Spring 2017
  5. Graded Homework — supplement to syllabus
    1. About 60% of each Homework+Quiz score (for grade in this class) will involve WeBWorK, a free online system. WeBWorK gives immediate feedback (Correct/Wrong) on each problem for submitted answers. It also provides the opportunity for you to fix errors while you are still thinking about the problem, then resubmit with revised answers, etc.
      • RQ-#-#: Each student should do her/his initial study of each text section prior to the class when it will be first discussed (see item 1a above). Reading Question assignments will begin on Monday of the second week; these assignments will be named to match a section of the text, e.g., RQ-1-7 for section 1.7. Each RQ assignment will close at noon on the day when its topic will be first discussed. That will allow Just-in-Time (JiT) adjustment by the instructor of a lesson-plan, e.g., perhaps skip something that most students got Correct or definitely discuss something that JiT info shows many got Wrong.
      • day-##: Many problems in my WeBWorK day-## assignments will be adapted from text problems listed in my daily assignments (see item 1b above). These WeBWorK assignments will be named to match the day scheduled for the latest topic in the set, e.g., day-05 will include some problems assigned for the fifth class day (in Spring-2017 that is Monday 30-Jan) together with problems on topics studied in prior days.
      • other: a few special assignments will have more descriptive names, e.g., R-U-Ready or Test-1-Review.
    2. I did not include group work on projects as a required part of the Homework+Quiz score for grade in this course. On the other hand, I am willing to consider carefully-prepared proposals to substitute work on one of our text's end-of-chapter projects for some (specific) fraction of a regular Hw+Q score. If you are in a group (2–4 students) that is interested in this, then I encourage your group to present a proposal and discuss it with me.
  6. The Math Learning Center in Math 011 is open weekdays for individual or group study. Free tutoring is available there: 9am–4pm on Monday through Thursday, and 10am–1pm on Friday.

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