PDF files — Precalculus (m151) Spring 2017
m151 Precalculus, section 2, Mr. Lane
file summary date
Final Review — answers answers, with comments, for the Final Review problems 4 May
Final Review problems to solve during review for Final Exam 28 April
solutions for Test-4 Practice solutions for Test 4 review collection of problems 19 Apr
Test 4: sample problems problems selected from previous Test 4 exams 13 Apr
solutions for Test-3 Practice solutions for Test 3 review collection of problems 29 Mar
Test 3: sample problems problems selected from previous Test 3 exams 16 Mar
solutions for Week-5 homework solutions for 24-Feb written homework 1 Mar
solutions for Test-2 Practice solutions for Test 2 review collection of problems 1 Mar
Practice for test 2 problems from old versions of Test 2 24 Feb
Practice for test 1: solutions solutions for problems from prior versions of Test 1 9 Feb
Practice for test 1 an old Test 1 with two additional problems 3 Feb
1.6-fit-line use TI graphing calculator to plot data & fit linear model 25 Jan
slideshow of a WeBWorK session brief intro to using WeBWorK for homework 24 Jan
preface to students text's preface: How to Learn from this Book 23 Jan
syllabus syllabus for all Precalculus classes at U MT in Spring 2017 23 Jan

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