Precalculus, m151 §2 (crn 34036) — Spring 2017 — Mr. Lane

class information
class meeting 11:00–11:50 am in Math 103 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
website for class URL does not begin with "www."
graded online homework select   151-Lane   and bookmark the URL

instructor's contact information
office Math 005 basement of Math Building
office hours noon to 12:50 pm   Mon, Wed, Fri Math 005 (my office)
other times — by appointment perhaps some time between 8am & 10am
office phone 406 – 243 – 5207 voice-mail after 4 rings
e-mail address Dick dot Lane at umontana dot edu replace "dot" with "." and "at" with "@"
  1. assignments: weekly schedules with assignments for study and problems
  2. PDF documents, e.g., syllabus, slideshow about using WeBWorK
  3. syllabus for all sections of m151 (Precalculus) in Spring 2017 at the University of Montana
  4. Homework & Quizzes   —   supplement to syllabus for section 2 of m151
    1. contribution to grade (maximum of 200 points out of 800 for course)
      1. Homework and quizzes for the first half-semester (until 12 March) will be combined and rescaled on percentage basis: max=100 points.
      2. Homework and quizzes for second half-semester (13 March to end) will be combined and rescaled on percentage basis: max=100 points.
    2. graded homework
      1. The assignment for each day of class will specify part of the text to be studied — your first study of such assigned reading should be done before that class. Almost all reading assignments will have some Reading Questions to complete before class.
      2. WeBWorK, a free online system, will be used to present and grade homework problems for daily assignments.
      3. A few problems in the text will be assigned each week to have written work, solutions, & interpretations submitted at start of class (usually on Friday). Written homework will be graded & returned with solutions. Incomplete work has the potential to earn some partial credit.
    3. quizzes will be given one or more times per week
      1. Some quizzes will be scheduled, some will be spontaneous (pop) and a few may be take-home.
      2. For each half-semester, the lowest score for an in-class quiz will be dropped.
      3. There will be no make-up quizzes.
  5. The Math Learning Center in Math 011 is open weekdays for individual or group study. Free tutoring is available there: 9am–4pm on Monday through Thursday, and 10am–1pm on Friday.

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